Since 1968, Sentec has been a leader in the automotive, electronics, and semiconductor industries, forging integrated solutions ranging from manufacturing materials to various devices and systems. Beginning with a focus on emissions control systems, we evolved to include leading-edge electronics and mechatronics specialty groups, finding continued success through innovation over the past five decades. Underpinning all of our efforts is one core objective: to improve the environment that we all share, especially through reducing global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Sentec remains headquartered at our original location in the Longtan district of Taoyuan City, Taiwan.



Factory Address

SENTEC E&E CO. LTD 32 Gongwu Rd, Longtan District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan
+886-3-4892388 fax:+886-3-4896018 mk@sentecgroup.com

SENTEC HANOI CO., LTD. Sentec Hanoi Co., LTD., Thành phố Bắc Ninh, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam
+84-241-3634337~8 fax:+84-241-3634339 600865@sentechn.com

SENTEC INDIA COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED - New Delhi Plot #25, Sector 5,IMT Manesar, Gurgaon,India
"+91124-4043190 \ +91124-4043191 sudhir@sentecgroup.com

SENTEC INDIA COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED - Bengaluru Plot #210 & 211, 3rd Phase,Industrial Area, Malur,Karnataka 563130,India
" +9195-1398-5866 / +9195-1398-5867" sudhir@sentecgroup.com

SENTEC XIAMEN E&E CO., LTD. Xiamen Sentec E & E Co.,Ltd., Tianyang Road, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China
+86-592-6155801 fax:+86-592-6066716 syrmk@sentecee.com.cn

SHANGHAI SENTEC CO., LTD. No.568 Xinye Road the Industry Zone Qingpu Shanghai, China Post: 201707
+86-21-69212868 fax:+86-21-69211130 sales@mail.shsentec.com.cn

Sentec E.E Thailand. Bang Phli Yai, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan, 10540, Thailand
+66-2103-1656 phiraphong@sentecgroup.com



A company needs not only to respect societal norms, but also to seek out societal needs. From the very beginning, ensconced within the Sentec Group soul were sincerity and conscience, and these two bedrock values guide all operations of the company, holding us to high standards of quality, ethics, and responsibility. Moreover, we foster a spirit of giving back to the earth by promoting eco-friendly business practices and developing strong, mutually beneficial relationships with others who share our goals. Our commitment to these relationships and to our ideals has sparked dialogue with diverse groups across the world, many of whom have become trusted and valued partners of Sentec.


How would I define the attributes that personify an exemplary Sentec employee? They are a paragon of reliability, intelligence, and initiative

It is common knowledge that the speed of change can easily exceed present human capacities. A lack of forward movement begets a status of standstill-- or “business as usual”-- with no progress, permanently tethered in place. Indeed, a company grown solely upon past glories or successes will assuredly atrophy, wither, and face elimination in the global business maelstrom.

In addition to prescient company leadership, it is incumbent upon each individual to step up, maintain mental currency, and continually develop applicable skills. This responsibility resides within each employee, who shall perpetually implement a process of self-metamorphosis.

The Sentec Group has been awarded many national and overseas awards for quality control and other activities by the Taiwan Economic Ministry and the Ministry of Small-Mid Size Enterprises. In fact, the Taiwan Economic Ministry has listed Sentec in its registry of nationally recognized companies, reflecting our metamorphosis from the earlier Sengton Transport Implements Co. into the present, cutting-edge Sentec Group.

Again, the catalyst for change resides within the individual. In this regard, let us take a page from our ancestors - the "ancients". What did they do? They subscribed to meditation. Each day, they dedicated time to realize inner peace, raise their self-awareness, and importantly, hone their ability to change or adjust their temperament. As an ideal, an individual can achieve harmony between heavenly concepts and one’s self, thereby forging a balance between Yin and Yang. This nirvana cultivates a state of mind and of being that leads to operational effectiveness, in times past and even in today’s global economy. Accompanying this will follow strong commitments to identifying new horizons, studying hard, considering all points of view in problem solving and policy formation, and making decisive decisions.


Whatever activity in life - it is all work. It is work that is meaningful and that has been left as a legacy by sages and immortals. It is this legacy that we must study.

And the best medium is water. Water can interact well with all things - and it is frictionless and undemanding. The most exalted good deeds are akin to water. They flow widely and yield vast benefits. At the same time, the joy of the neutrality of water is no conditions attached.

Shang Shan Ruo Shui - "the highest good is like water."

Laozi - philosopher